Monday, February 11, 2013

Traffic Accident Or How To Stay Alive When Women Attack

Hi, fellows! I want to talk about one important subject not concerning music - about women! More precisely  about how they could wound a half of our band - Red Planet! Besides - we have two of them in our band! But our girls - just pieces of precious gold in compare with those we've confronted! At friday, 8th February, me (Olim Karimov) and our basist (Yuri Stolov) were on our way to the rehearsal place when our car were smashed from the left side, just near my seat! We were so frightened, especially about our guitars! When we just found out what happened, it all became too easy - two girls on their new Toyota, breaking all the traffic rules, drinking beer and talking on phone (with her boyfriend as she said), they were turning in the wrong place - as a result a classic car crash!
What can we say about this? Our applause to this ladies - they deserve it!