RED PLANET - the metal band which was formed in 2010. The first band members were Maryam Hakimova - bass guitar, Umeda Fazylova - lead guitar and Khursheda Fazylova - drums. They played covers on different bands, mostly Alice Cooper, Paolo Nutini, Three Days Grace and e.t.c.  Soon Mariam left the band - this female association existed till 2011...
   The new chapter of RED PLANET's history begins when Rustam Mirzoakhmedov joined the band. He had brought a new idea about what Red Planet should  play. Rustam's heavy metal  guitar riffs sounded too loud and mature for girls, so there was nothing to do but to grow technically. Their first perfomances were accepted warmly by everybody. Umeda Fazylova has found herself as a good vocalist. But a year later everything changed.
   As the things were getting heavy Red Planet needed a lead guitar. They found Olim Karimov and he joined the band. The new stuff consisted of: Rustam Mirzoakhmedov - rythm guitar, Umeda Fazylova - vocals, Olim Karimov - lead guitar, Khursheda Fazylova - drums.
   This band stuff existed during 6 months, cuz the band couldnt sound as well as they wanted without a bass guitar player. Fortunately, he was discovered by Olim. Konstantin Chizhov was quite a thing for the band.
   During September till November, Red Planet  had 3 perfomances with Konstantin. Unfortunately he left the band and the place of bassist still remained vacant.
  And as always band found the solution for this problem. Yuriy Stolov a bass guitar player from Rain moved to RED PLANET.
   After the release of Demo EP "Homeworld" two members Umeda Fasilova and Khursheda Fasilova broke up with the band. In search of new drummer guys decided to invite Dilshod Khamroev to the vacant place in the band.


Rustam Mirzoakhmedov - Rhythm Guitar

Rustam started to play guitar when he was 11 years old. The greatest impact on development of Rustam as musician made such rock-monsters as Metallica, Iron Maiden, Scorpions, Megadeth and etc. His first stage experience was at 2010 when he was in recently formed "Red Planet" band. Subsequently he became the generator of ideas and new songs as well as a leader of the band. With his arrival band started to play metal oriented music which definitely made "Red Planet" one of recognizable bands in local rock community. Nowadays after Olim Karimov's come he is a indispensable rhythm guitaris of RP.

Olim Karimov - Lead Guitar

Olim started playing guitar while he was studying at university encouraged by his classmate Daler Ibrohimov - an outstanding guitar player."He showed me the basics and I started to play" - Olim laughs - "That guy was really tough!". Soon he joined a band named "The Nabievs", which was searching for a rhythm guitar. "We were playing blues and more of this stuff, but I wanted to play something more louder" - Olim said smiling - "And I need to add that blues and gigs with the band gave me a good boost in my playing skills". Later with Sukhrob Nabiev - a bassist of "The Nabievs", they formed another band named "N.A.S.O.K" (first letters of band members' names) including Nigina Romankulova (synth) and his classmates Konstantin Chizhov (bass) and Alex Davidov (drums). After several performances band broke up and Olim got an offer from another local new-formed band, which soonly then was named "Cheridy's Puzzle". "Playing new-metal with metalcore! That was f***ing interesting experience for me as solo guitarist" - Olim claimed. However problems with the band about music and stylization made him to leave and form a project named "Amati" with his friends from "ProRock" band. Along with Sukhrob Tajiddinov (bass), Sergei Zinoviev (lead guitar), Darragh Fingleton (drums) and Katha Rina (vocals) they have made an interesting set of performances on tajik stage. "That was an awesome time! We played covers of Machine Head, Perfect Circle, Metallica and others along with our brand new songs! We sounded heavy and pertly!" - Olim remembers. After leaving of Darragh, Katha and Sergei from Dushanbe Olim  started working on his own project. At this time he gets a tempting offer from "Red Planet" to be their new lead guitarist. "We met with Red Planet a half of year ago. During this time we made our own music, participated at biggest rock concerts at the country. Yeah, we'll make it through! Next step - our album"

Yuriy Stolov - Bass Guitar

Yuriy firstly involved to music in 2011 as a rhythm guitarist in a band of "Head On", which later changed its name to "City Light". The same year, he gathers his own band - "RAIN", in which starts to play on bass guitar. In "RAIN" Yuriy played until October 2011. In the same month, Yuriy gets an offer from Olim Karimov - a lead guitarist of "Red Planet", to join to the band as their new bassist.

Dilshod "Trojan" Khamroev - Drums

"Trojan" is a freshman in the band since beginning of October 2013. He is involved in another several project, such as "Vintro". Participating in Red Planet is interesting for him to make some other sort of music he did before. He is constantly on drums for a year and a half.


Khursheda Fasilova - Drums

Khursheda got her first drum kit at fifteen. She began her professional career in the late 2010, playing drums in a female band with her sister Umeda Fasilova. First band she was participated called "Candy", which then was renamed in "Red Planet". Khursheda is the only female drummer playing on double-pedal in Dushanbe.

Umeda Fasilova  - Vocals

Umeda is the senior twin-sister of Khursheda Fasilova the drummer of a young and unique band in Tajikistan. Before she was involved into a rock band she learned to play guitar. Umeda got her first electro guitar at sixteen. Her musical career started when she formed a rock band with Khursheda and Mariam Khakimova. The project didn't succeed till the new lead guitarist Rustam Mirzoakhmedov joined the squad. Umeda changed guitar to microphone in 2011.