Monday, December 31, 2012

Heavy New Year!

Dear listeners and followers! We - boys and girls from Red Planet, congratulate you with a Happy New Year! We wish your dreams to become true, an ocean of happiness, good mood, kickass health and lady fortune on your side! And our songs in your hearts, of course!

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Winter. Cold. Metal.

Real winter with its aftermath was unleashed on Dushanbe. Snow, wind, -8...freezing. Just yesterday it was +13. But as always, severe times is not a problem for our creativity. Sitting in our warm flats we continue our work on album, despite the snow and freezing wind. Red Planet.

Sunday, December 23, 2012


Red Planet is resting after a concert. Participants take their breath, wipe off the sweat and drink cold beer.
- What a pity that we have not performed our last hit at the end! I would have it played with such a gusto.
Jura and Rustam:
- What are you saying?! We played it at the beginning of our performance!
- Well, you guys are just kidding me! Cause I played it third in a row...

Saturday, December 22, 2012

100 like's!

Great news! We just received 100 likes on our Facebook page! The person, who raised his thumb for the hundredth time for the group was - Timur Gaisin. Thank you for your support our dear friends. In our turn we will continue to delight you with our music!

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Wandering Of "Slackers"

Hi, guys! You'll ask is this the most terrible photo in the history of mankind? I'll tell you - this is the lead-guitarist and bassist of "Red Planet" band. In Tajikistan of course. What's wrong with them? Oh, I'll say to you - they are the "wandering slackers". But why you ask? It all just simple - the rest of the band is prepairing for their exams and cannot attend on rehearsals, that's why guitarists gone so wild! But exams are going to be passed soon and we will continue our work on album!

Sincerelly yours,
Olli and Yura Punaisen

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Legends Of The Local Bands

Found an anecdote on the internet. Our fame runs far ahead =)

Cafe. Company of the three best rock bands in Dushanbe enters inside. Olim Karimov looks to the waiter and makes an order:
- Bring "plov" and tea to these three guys in black. This is Al-Azif band and they like eastern stuff. Bring a steak with blood and bloody Mary to me and my friends. We, Red Planet, like all that concerns to red.
The waiter asks:
- And what can I offer to the girls with you?
- Bring them water. This is Waterfall band as u see...

Wednesday, December 12, 2012


Today air was definitely filled with magic! It was good for deeds, especially for the rehearsal we had at the evenin'! Plus one more song to our album, more oriental-metal baby!

Monday, December 10, 2012

Short-term Amnesia Or Severe Routine Of A Guitarist

Hey guys check this out! Tried to recall a solo for our first song and just figured out - I have it on video! 

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Red Planet - Behind The Scene

And life is flourishing behind the stage ... Photos taken from the backstage are filled with fun and epic.

Monday, December 3, 2012

We've Started Recording Our First Studio Album!

Good news everyone! We are happy to inform that "RED PLANET" started to recording first studio album. Most likely it will be released in the Extended Play (EP) format and will contain about five tracks. Release date has not yet been determined, as well as the album title, but we think it will not last for long. So far we can say that the album should be expected in spring 2013.

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Eckstein, Eckstein - Alles Muss Versteckt Sein!

Nice picture from "Last Halloween" party. Featuring: Olim Karimov. More pictures from event - here

European Week

New Stuff!

Just recently the group acquired a new instrument - Bass guitar Jackson JS2 Concert Bass. Say hello to another Jackson.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

The Article From Washington Times

DUSHANBE, Tajikistan — The poorest of the former Soviet Central Asian states and arguably the most culturally conservative, Tajikistan is home to a small but growing rock-music scene in spite of the social pressures to conform and the difficulties finding a working guitar.
“Society doesn’t like the music that we play,” said Jack Rock, the stage name of the leader singer of Al Azif, Tajikistan’s only “thrash metal” band. “Everybody always says that we are wasting time and we need to play softly and slowly.”
Tajikistan is a Muslim country with traditional values where a group of intellectuals recently called for creation of “morality police” to control Tajik behavior and dress.
The city’s young rockers are going against the grain, forming mixed-gender bands, shocking the older generation with their outlandish outfits — while also promoting the ideals of hard work and urging Tajik youths to avoid drugs and alcohol.
“Rock music has great strength to divert young people from the streets, from drugs and crime,” Mr. Rock said.
“Despite the stereotype that rock musicians are antisocial, this is not the case. We never use drugs or alcohol. Music is hard work, and there is no place for junkies.”
Dressed in chains and studded leather, Al Azif band members sing in English and Russian and are seen by many as flaunting the worst of Western cultural influences. They struggle to get jobs.
“There are only a small number of venues where you can play your music. It’s hard to get instruments and hard to record songs,” Mr. Rock said. “We play wherever we can — in discotheques, bars, restaurants, cinemas.”
The long-haired musicians are determined to do their own thing, and a small but growing number of fans in the capital are egging them on.
“Now in the Dushanbe, there are about five rock bands,” said local music producer Kirill Kuzmin. “In the remote regions of the country, rock musicians are almost nonexistent. People there are much more traditional than in the capital.”
One Dushanbe band, Red Planet, is perhaps even more unorthodox than Al Azif. Taking to the stage in a rhinestone-encrusted T-shirt, 19-year-old Umida Fazilova gives a nod to her identical twin sister, Khursheda, sitting behind the drums and launches into a set of high-energy and emotionally charged metal.
“When I started playing rock music, everyone was laughing at me during our concerts,” Khursheda Fazilova said. “They think drums are not for women.”
According to the human rights watchdog Amnesty International, up to half of all women in Tajikistan suffer from domestic violence and many do not complete high school. As a result, local women say it is hard to move out of traditional female roles.
Nevertheless, the Fazilova twins say they are not afraid of causing a stir, even if they struggle to find an audience in a country where imported pop music from America and Russia rules the airwaves.
“Older people don’t understand this music,” said Red Planet guitarist Olim Karimov. “We have young people between 15 and 30 years old and a lot of foreigners at our concerts.”
The members of Red Planet met at a university and bonded over their love of Western heavy-metal bands such as Linkin Park. Although the Western influences in the Tajik rock scene are strong, the local style has an Eastern slant all of its own

Read more: Rockin' in Tajikistan and breaking all the rules, except for drugs and alcohol - Washington Times