Marshall VS 2000 avt 50

If you have heard that 50 watts of solid-state power is not loud enough to gig with, listen again. The AVT50's 2, footswitchable channels deliver glistening clean tones and a roaring crunch that just oozes vintage authenticity. Crank the Overdrive channel's Gain control to the max and you have a contemporary high gain sound that packs an unbelievable punch, staying tight and focused thanks to the carefully designed closed back cabinet. In combination with the ECC83 pre-amp valve, this amplifier will deliver from bedroom to stage without compromise.

  • CD input
  • Headphone jack for "silent" practice
  • Speaker Emulated DI output for recording or live use
  • Accutronics Reverb
  • Series FX loop
What is AVT
In Marshall's quest to give players the ultimate tone at a realistic price, they have combined the latest innovations in valve, solid state, and digital technologies to achieve optimum sonic performance. AVT has evolved from their original, critically acclaimed Marshall Valvestate technology, but is vastly improved so it emulates the tone, feel, and response of their world-renowned, all-valve amplifiers with unerring accuracy√° without using valves in the power stage.

Fender Bronco™ 40

Fender’s new Bronco 40 is a compact, lightweight amp that kicks out a wealth of inspiring tones designed to inspire. It’s loaded with versatile preset amp tones and built-in effects that make it the bassist’s perfect personal-practice and recording companion. With free Fender Fuse™ software and USB computer connectivity, creating, editing, storing and sharing your sounds is easy. The Bronco 40 is an amazing value for the bass player who enjoys having sonic options to enhance their creativity.

  • 8 amp models (Rumble™, '59 Bassman®, Bassman® TV™, Bassman® 300, Redhead™, Rockin' Peg, KGB800, Monster)
  • Onboard FX (Modern Bass Overdrive, Overdrive, Fuzz, Greenbox, Chorus, Flanger, Phaser, Vibratone, Envelope Control Filter, Octave, Step Filter, Delay and Reverb)
  • 24 onboard stored presets (unlimited with Fender FUSE™ and computer)
  • USB connectivity for connecting to Fender FUSE™ (also for digital recording)
  • XLR output for quality studio recording.
  • Two "quick access" presets can be stored to an optional.
  • 1 button footswitch.
  • Ableton® Live Lite 8 Fender Edition studio-quality recording software compatible with Bronco USB recording output.

Soundmaster 50W Head
Rustam Mirzoakhmedov

Soundmaster 50W is a old and vintage soviet version of good'ol fender sound. Gives you a crystal clean sound with its two clean lines and crunchy smashing sound with AMT B1 preamp.
This head equiped with Celestion Century Vintage G12 dynamic cabinet.

In developing the G12 Century Vintage set out to use our Neodymium technology to design a modern speaker with a distinctly classic vibe. The result is a unique blend of extraordinary note definition and vintage character.Exceptionally lightweight and loud, with a tightly controlled low-end, the Century Vintage exhibits a clear, powerful mid-range and crisp, bright top- end. With super-fast attack and superb tracking, it's ideal for use in amps favoured by high-speed guitar players – both high gain rockers and clean country pickers.